Jenneoby QHSE Policy Statement



Jenneoby Environmental and Laboratory Services Limited is an environmental and sustainable
development management services company that offers environmental management consultancy,
laboratory services, waste management, and safety operations services


The prime objective of Jenneoby Environmental and Laboratory Services Limited is to perform
contracted work safely, efficiently in an environmentally friendly manner and in accordance with
the client’s specifications and requirements with optimal utilization of our resources.
To ensure the safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly performance of our business operations,
we have established an Integrated Management System (IMS) that is committed to the effective
implementation and continual improvement of a Quality, Occupational Health, Safety &
Environment (QHSE) Management System that conforms to the requirements of the ISO
9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 & ISO 14001:2015 standards respectively. We are committed to
maintaining an exceptionally competent and committed workforce in all areas of our business
operations, and building strong business relations with our partners. We place high priority in
protecting the health and safety of all employees, visitors, customers, and other interested parties
affected by our operations by effective prevention and control of workplace hazards and risks.
Jenneoby Environmental and Laboratory Services Ltd is committed to complying with legal,
regulatory, and other applicable requirements and standards to which the organization subscribes.
To this end, the Jenneoby Management commits to:
• A constant pursuit of quality and reliability in the services the company provides to its
• Adopt the best practice of operations to prevent ill health & injuries to those affected by our
work activities.
• Identify, prevent, control and minimize adverse environmental impacts associated with our
operational activities.
• Ensuring that customers’ needs, and expectations are determined and fulfilled with the aim of
achieving customer satisfaction.
• Responding appropriately and correctly to customer inquiries, requests, or complaints.
• Ensure that employees are actively involved, participate, and are consulted in matters concerning their
health and safety in the workplace.
• Communicate our QHSE commitment to clients, employees, and other interested parties.
• Ensuring that members of staff are fully trained to meet the QHSE requirements of the business
and its customers.
• Conducting periodic management reviews to ensure the continuing suitability, adequacy, and
effectiveness of our QHSE Management System.
• Providing adequate resources to achieve the objectives of the management system.

This policy sets the framework for the establishment and review of our QHSE objectives.
The Managing Director of Jenneoby Environmental & laboratory Services Ltd. has the overall
responsibility for ensuring that the objectives of the QHSE Management System are achieved,
delegating responsibilities and authorities to each Department Head for effective implementation
and promoting the commitment of all staff to addressing QHSE as part of their skill base, in
accordance with the established procedures.


Helen Onyeri-Chukwuma.
Managing Director
22nd September 2021.