Importance of First Aid and Emergency Response Skills

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Human beings are susceptible to injuries, illnesses and trauma. We never know when any of these may happen to us or those around us. Basic first aid knowledge can make a difference in life-threatening situations, to keep things from getting worse or till medical help arrives.

Like CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), First Aid is one of the skills that are valuable in any occasion, in any walk of life. Whether you are at work, or leisurely lounging, medical emergencies can happen any time.

First aid and emergency response knowledge are valued by individuals and communities. Trained first aiders provide safety and security in any situation and assist casualties until medical assistance arrives. First aid skills are life-saving assets that can be acquired by almost anyone, and are useful in the workplace, home and community settings. Low-frequency, high-risk accidents and emergencies happen every day around Nigeria, and learning appropriate emergency response techniques is an investment in time and money well spent.

The techniques and procedures are easy to learn and apply, and the addition of portable emergency equipment and devices will equip trained first aiders with the ability to perform procedures previously only accessed by experienced paramedics. The Jenneoby Training Institute offers these tutorials and the information becomes a life-long asset.

Many people often do not place great importance on the need to acquire basic first aid education. Some common reasons we they give are;

  • Lack of time
  • Where to begin
  • Confidence that nothing will go wrong
  • Over confidence in their current knowledge


Outlined below are the 5 top reasons why first aid and emergency response skills are important

Helps save lives

People who are trained are more likely to take immediate action in an emergency. They are more reliable, confident and in control of themselves when an emergency arise

Helps keep the victim calm and comfortable

Knowing that the person assisting is a trained first aider can bring immediate relief to the victim. Being calm and assessing the situation enables the victim to be more relaxed while being treated and stabilized until the arrival of medical personnel.

Helps relieve pain

Some injuries require a very simple solution like applying an ice pack or a quick rub. A ride to the emergency room is not necessary, at least not for some time. In such cases, calling a person trained in first aid courses is more reliable. They can help reduce the pain by performing simple procedures and can help relieve pain at least temporarily.

Helps to prevent the situation from becoming worse

A trained person would know how to keep the situation from getting worse. They provide a temporary treatment which will keep the condition of the victim from deteriorating, till professional help arrives.

Encourages healthy and safe living

A skilled first aider is better able to assess their surroundings. Knowledge of first aid and emergency response promotes the sense of safety and well being amongst people. Having an awareness and desire to be accident-free keeps you safer and reduces the number of casualties and accidents.



What First Aid Course Is Most Useful?

Jenneoby Training Institute first aid courses are designed to suit diverse emergency situations. From assisting with sprains and strains to performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) with the assistance of an automated external defibrillator (AED), the courses are tailored for every individual and structured for progressive learning.

Jenneoby Training Institute has grown to become a top training company in Nigeria, thanks to innovative learning methods and the best course instructors available. We offer nationally accredited first aid and emergency response courses, and as a Department of Petroleum Resources approved Training Provider for the MISTDO (Minimum Industry Safety Training for Downstream Operations), our courses for operators in the Oil & Gas downstream sector also include tailored first aid and emergency response course modules for delegates. .

Reach out to us to find out how we can help you/your team become competent first aid and emergency responders.

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