Earth’s Envoy – All You Need To Know.

August 20, 2020by admin0

Earth’s Envoy – All You Need To Know

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am delighted to present Earth’s Envoy to you.
Earth’s Envoy promises to be one of the forerunners for environmental protection sphere. Our name easily gives away the narrative, as an agent of environmental change and its vision for sustainability.

Conversations around the energy sector are an all-time favorite, as it is a sector that serves many organizations, all housed in a planet where we feel at home. It is also fitting to be in Nigeria – the 13th largest oil producer in the world with a population of about two hundred and fourteen million beautiful, hard-working people.

I believe that Earth’s Envoy is timely, for us as a country, as we brace a period of profound climate change and numerous environmental issues. We need the courage to ask tough questions and the vision to seek difficult answers. Of course, we do not know every solution yet, but we must have the courage to work on it – together.

This platform gives us the chance to reach out to people, exchange ideas and find solutions. Earth’s Envoy should not be taken for just another environmental blog, it is here to make energy industry stakeholders, the public – all of us, listen, understand and learn. It is here to discuss the big questions about Nigeria’s energy future vis-a-vis a sustainable environment, to search for multiple solutions to meet our energy demand while reducing emissions to tackle climate change.

In this maiden edition we focus on air pollution.

Today, we are at a critical moment. Climate Change is indeed a hot topic and the talk about the need for a rapid transition to a lower-carbon world has never been so strident. Transportation accounts for more than a quarter of the world’s energy use and one-fifth of global energy-related CO2 emissions.

What must we do to keep our dear planet healthy and free of C02 emissions and other air pollutants?

The challenge is multi-dimensional, going beyond the oil and gas industries, to others, affecting every part of our lives as a society, our markets, our governments. Earth’s Envoy begins with how we transport ourselves, as this best brings to fore, the issues at hand.

It is a good place to start.

Can we begin to think about smart cities for cyclists and pedestrians, an intelligent transport system or liquefied natural gas for transportation in Nigeria? Countries like Indonesia, China and Singapore are already making serious efforts and so can we. It may look a long way off, but we must be visionary, open to unprecedented and sustained collaboration.

It is in this spirit that I present Earth’s Envoy to you.
It is meant to be a dialogue and my vision is that this dialogue is sustained. I want to hear your views. There is much we can gain from deepening our understanding.

I look forward to building a sustainable world with you.

Helen Onyeri.

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